Mikhail Yu. Khachay was born in December 25, 1970.
In 1993 he graduated from the Ural State University (Ekaterinburg), Department of Mathematics and Mechanics.

Scientific work
From 1994 to present he collaborates in the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics , Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Division, at  Mathematical Programming. dept.
1994-1995          mathematic
1995-1997          junior researcher
1997-2007       a head of the pattern recognition group.
2007-present    a head of the mathematical programming dept.

His scientific scope lays in theory and methods of mathematical programming and pattern recognition. At 1996 he got a Ph.D degree on Computer Science (Candidate of sciences degree on Mathematical Cybernetics in Russian). His thesis is going under the title 'Classification and Estimates of Committees for Infeasible Inequalities Systems'. At 2005 he got a Prof. degree on Computer Science (Doctor of Sciences in Mathematical Cybernetics in Russia). The title of the thesis is 'Committee Solutions of Infeasible Systems of Constraints and Learning Theory'

Selected publications
1.   Hachai M.Yu. Estimating the Number of Steps in the Linear Correction Method for Solving a System of Linear Inequalities // Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis.-1993,-v.3,N1,P 1-5.
2.   Hachai M.Yu. Classification of Committee Solutions of Majority // Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. 1997. V.7. N2. P.260-265
3.  Khachai M.Yu. Estimate of the Number of Membres in the Minimal Committee of a System of Linear Inequalities // Computational Mathematics and MAthematical Physics. 1997, vol. 37, no. 11. pp. 1356-1361
4.   Khachai M.Yu. On the Combinatorial Problem Concerned with the Notion of Minimal Committee // Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. 2001. V.11 no.1 pp. 45-46.
5.  Khachai M.Yu. A Relation Connected with a Decision Making Procedure Based on Majority Vote // Doklady Mathematics. 2001, vol 64, no. 3 pp.456-459
6.  Khachay M.Yu. A Game against Nature Related to Majority Vote Decision Making  // Computational Mathematics and MAthematical Physics. 2002, vol. 42, no. 10, pp. 1547-1555
7.   Mazurov Vl.D., Khachai M.Yu., Rybin A.I. Committee Constructions for Solving Problems of Selection, Diagnostics and Prediction // Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of mathematics. 2002. Suppl. 1. pp S77-S101.
8. Khachay M.Yu. On Approximate Algorithm of a Minimal Committee of a Linear Inequalities System // Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. 2003, vol. 13, no 3. p.459–464.
9. Mazurov Vl.D., Khachay M.Yu. Committees of Systems of Linear Inequalities // Automation and Remote Control. 2004, no. 2. p.193-203.
10. Khachay M.Yu. On Computational Complexity of the Minimal Committee Problem // Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. 2005. vol.15, no. 1, pp. 59-61.
11. Khachay M.Yu. Computational Complexity of the Minimum Committee Problem and Related Problems // Doklady Mathematics. 2006. vol. 73, no. 1, pp. 138-141.

From 1995 to present he is teaching in Ural State University at Mathematics and Mechanics dept, Chair of Mathematical Economics
1995-1999          assistant prof.
1999-2003          assoc. prof.
2003-2007       a head of the Chair on Effective Computing Technologies
2006-present    prof.

Mathematical Programming Basics
Suppl. chapters of Pattern Recognition
Lectures on Optimal Inventory Control
Systems programming seminar

M.Yu.Khachay is interested in advanced programming technologies also, Microsoft technologies especially.  He has MCSD certification on VC++ and VB v.6.0 and MCSD.NET certification on VC# / VB.NET.

From 2002 to present he is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and has a trainer position in Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center at ITC Education, Ekaterinburg.

IT Courses
1011 Mastering MFC Fundamentals
Mastering MFC Development
COM-components Development with Active Template Library 3.0
Mastering MS VB Fundamentals
Mastering MS VB Development

Programming with C#
Developing Microsoft .NET Applications for Windows (Visual C# .NET)
Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
Developing Microsoft .NET Applications for Windows (Visual Basic .NET)

Programming with Microsoft ADO.NET
Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET
2524 Developing XML Web Services Using Microsoft ASP.NET
2557 Building COM+ Applications Using Microsoft .NET Enterprise Services